COVID-19 Financial Relief for Iowans with Disabilities

COVID-19 Financial Relief for Iowans with Disabilities

Iowa Able Foundation Lowers Interest Rates on Its Loans

The financial impact of COVID-19 is hitting the disabled community particularly hard. Many Iowans with disabilities are not able to afford equipment that is essential for independent living, such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, vehicle or home modifications, prosthetics, and more.

Iowa Able Foundation is piloting expanded loan options and lowering its interest rates. Starting July 1, interest rates will drop to give those with the least ability to pay access to the lowest interest rates.  Interest rates will range from four percent down to zero percent for all loan applicants. Applicants must agree to participate in the Foundation's Financial Empowerment Program, which includes coaching services.

In addition to providing loans for disability-assistance equipment, loans will become available to Iowans with disabilities for home or vehicle repair, vehicle purchase, service animals, educational needs, and equipment for self-employment.

More information about loan options and lower interest rates is available from the Iowa Able Foundation website.

For questions, call Iowa Able Foundation: 515-292-2972. Apply for a loan here.

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