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Assuring Access to Quality Health Care for Persons with Disabilities

Assuring Access to Quality Health Care for Persons with Disabilities is a free suite of videos to train current and future health care professionals on strategies to communicate effectively with and accommodate patients with a variety of disabilities. Ranging from seven to 38 minutes in length, the videos can be shown as stand-alone training modules or as a series, or to complement a panel of individuals with disabilities, and/or family members willing to share their personal health care experiences and suggestions.

The people with disabilities, clinicians, and family members in the videos are not professional actors. Though the information they share may seem like common sense, the clips are based on real-life experiences, and are designed to offer suggestions for improving access to health care for persons with disabilities and their families.

We welcome your feedback on this training series. Once you have completed watching any of the videos, please share your thoughts via this brief survey.

Disability Training for Future Health Professionals

This video offers a functional definition of disability, includes disability prevalence data, and introduces viewers to individuals with a variety of disabilities who, through a series of vignettes, offer practical accommodation and communication strategies. Watch video.

Disability Training for Practicing Health Care Professionals

This video offers a functional definition of disability, includes prevalence data, and introduces you to individuals with disabilities and a family member who share best practices for communicating with and accommodating patients with disabilities. Watch video.

Disability Training for Dental Providers

This video utilizes the first-hand accounts of dentists, individuals with disabilities and a family member to address topics such as referral guidelines, physical accessibility requirements for dental practices, and strategies for communicating with patients experiencing a variety of disabilities. Watch video.

Providing Family-Centered Care

This video offers the perspectives of three parents of children and young adults with disabilities on such topics as impact of diagnosis, care coordination, and the role of the family in facilitating access to quality care. Watch video.

Transitioning to Adult Health Care for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities

This video offers a view of the shift from pediatric to adult health care through the eyes of an adolescent with Down syndrome and her mother. Watch video.

Honoring the Diversity of Patients with Disabilities

This video is designed to assist health care professionals in providing culturally competent health care to individuals with disabilities/special health care needs and their families. Two family members representing diverse cultures share personal insight on how race, culture and ethnicity influence the treatment of patients with disabilities and provide recommendations for eliminating preconceived notions, assisting families in navigating the health care system, and optimizing communication. Watch video.

CME Credit

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit has been approved for three of the videos in this series by University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Learn more and link to the courses and CME credit information...

Training Guide

Assuring Access to Quality Health Care for Persons with Disabilities was created to support the use of the video series. Download a copy of the guide...

Series Funding

These videos were created by the University of Iowa Center for Disabilities and Development in partnership with the Midwestern Public Health Training Center, and with the valuable assistance of individuals with disabilities, families, and health care professionals.

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