Training Sources

Access to Training

The Conner Training Connection uses training, education, and technical assistance to promote a system of individualized supports that will assist Iowans with developmental disabilities to live as fully participating members of their communities. The goal of this web site is to advertise and encourage training and education to build supportive, inclusive communities for Iowans with disabilities.

Teacher works with a student in a wheelchair

Accessible Home and Workplaces through Universal Design

The Accessible Home and Workplaces through Universal Design initiative developed five online training modules to increase awareness of universal design concepts for home and workplace modifications. These modules are available online at no cost here.

Autism Internet Modules

Autism Internet Modules (AIM) is a free resource for families and for professionals looking for information on evidence-based treatments and topics related to autism spectrum disorder. This website contains 37 modules that are divided into 5 topic areas. Examples of modules include: functional interventions, structured teaching, task analysis, visual supports, social skills groups, preparing for the workforce, supporting successful completion of homework, and much more. Access these modules here.


DirectCourse is an online curriculum and learning management system designed to train members of the direct support workforce who work with individuals with disabilities. DirectCourse provides standardized, tailored online training to empower the direct service workforce and their mission to help others lead meaningful lives within their communities.

DirectCourse curricula include:

  • College of Direct Support
  • College of Employment Services
  • College of Recovery and Community Inclusion
  • College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving
  • Person-centered Counseling

Visit the Direct Course website.

Job Accommodation Network

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Accessible Modules on Workplace Accommodations currently has two video modules available. "The ADA Amendments Act" provides information on the law and uses real-life examples from the JAN case study library. "JAN's Interactive Process" provides suggestions for effectively managing workplace accommodations. Both units consist of a video, transcript and corresponding handout. Access these modules here.

Life Course Perspective, Practice, and Leadership

Free online course from UC Berkeley Public Health

The Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Life Course Perspective, Practice, & Leadership course is designed to provide an understanding of life course perspective, its practical applications, and related leadership opportunities. The life course perspective is a conceptual framework for understanding health trajectories of populations over time. The life course perspective posits that broad social, economic, and environmental factors not only shape health and contribute to health outcomes but are also the underlying causes of inequities in a wide range of maternal and child health outcomes. Learn more and enroll here.

Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities National Training Center

Learn Now: Training Modules

The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (MHDD) Training Center is committed to promoting access to quality mental health care for individuals with developmental disabilities. Their courses provide accessible training content that centers around the needs and voices of individuals with disabilities.

They divide their training modules into two categories:

  • Providers & Clinicians
  • Individuals, Families & Direct Supports

To participate in the online courses, visit the Learn Now: Training Modules webpage.

Mental Health First Aid: Find a Course

This site is intended to make mental health first aid as common as CPR. Enter a city near you where you would like to take the training and expand your search to include other communities by specifying the distance you are willing to travel for a class. The results will show multiple training sites within the radius you select. If classes are full, the website will tell you so; if not, click on a training and follow the directions to sign up. Find a course.

Pathways to Independence

Pathways to Independence is a production of the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. This video training series covers skills that older blind and visually impaired individuals use to remain independent in their homes and communities.  The videos can be used by individuals to learn techniques, by rehab counselors to teach techniques, by agencies for staff training, and in general for public information. The videos can be watched online.

VCU Autism Center for Excellence

A self-paced online course entitled, My Child was Just Identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Now What Do I Do?, is available on the Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center for Excellence website.  Designed especially for parents who have young children recently diagnosed with autism, the content presents comprehensive strategies to support the child. See details.

Video Captioning Essential

The Commission of Deaf, Deaf/Blind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans recently launched an online self-study course that teaches basic concepts needed to make informed decisions on what tools and resources to use when captioning web-videos. This free course is designed for anyone responsible for managing organizational website content. Learn more about Video Captioning Essentials.

Training Calendar

Please visit our interactive calendar to find trainings on disability-related topics, including autism, brain injury, mental health, self-advocacy and transition. We invite you to share trainings with us and others using the "Add Event" button on this calendar.

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