What’s New?

Conner Training Connection Publishes the Summer 2019 Issue of Possibilities in Education and Training

Successful Community Transition through MFP Program

The Summer 2019 issue features the story of a young man, Angelo Gilliam, who has successfully battled through some very difficult situations, and is now exploring a number of career development opportunities. With the support of the Money Follows the Person program, he is enjoying living in the community, and has been accepted to Des Moines Area Community College. His passion comes through loud and clear as he talks about his dreams, including becoming an airplane mechanic.

New Disability Resource Library Postings

Disability Resource Librarian (DRL) Mitch DeFauw’s first column in the “Possibilities” newsletter features a diverse collection of new DRL listings. It’s a must-read!

Read the current issue. View archived issues here.

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