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Easterseals Iowa has funding for assistive technology

Available for Iowans with disabilities and older Iowans

In collaboration with the Iowa Department of Aging, Easterseals Iowa is offering funding to Iowans who need assistive technology (AT). The funding is available for Iowans with disabilities over the age of 18, or for Iowans over the age of 60. The AT devices must help an individual:

  • increase their independence in activities of daily living,
  • remain in their home, and/or
  • have access to the community.

The assistive technology devices will remain the property of Easterseals Iowa, but can be used as long as a person needs them. Easterseals team members are available to assist with identifying assistive technology solutions.

Funds are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. There is a $750 limit per person.

An application is required:

The project is funded through COVID-19 Coronavirus Relief Funds and monitored by the Iowa Department of Aging.  

For questions, get in touch with Tracy Keninger at tkeninger@eastersealsia.org

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