Health Provider Training Videos Now Available Online

Health Provider Training Videos Now Available Online

Focus on Accommodating Patients with Disabilities

Staff at the University of Iowa Center for disabilities and Development (CDD) have partnered with the University of Iowa College of Public Health to publish a series of six online videos entitled, “Assuring Access to Quality Health Care for Persons with Disabilities.” Each video features the personal perspectives of individuals with disabilities, family members, and/or health care professionals who offer practical advice based on their years of experience with the health care system.

Topics include family-centered care, transition from pediatric to adult health care, honoring patient diversity, and special considerations for dentists. Ranging from seven to 38 minutes in length, the videos can be shown as stand-alone training modules, as a series, or in tandem with a panel of individuals with disabilities and/or family members willing to share their personal experiences and suggestions.

CDD staff, who have used the combined approach, report that class instructors and students alike consistently report heightened awareness and sensitivity toward the needs of patients with disabilities following the presentation. The videos were developed with support from a grant funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health. They are available on this website, and can be viewed here.

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